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About Us

About Us

History of the Company

James Peebles opened caveman Auto Wreckers in 1970 a native of Grants Pass and former truck driver. The original sales office was a converted carnival concession stand, approximately 100 sq. ft. It was located on the north 4-acre parcel of leased land in the county.

Jim owned and operated the business for three years and developed a good reputation in the community for his honest and fair dealings. Jim was well respected as a salvage dealer and still is as a local business owner.

On April 23, 1973 Jim sold the business to Fred and Susan Baida. Fred brought nearly fifteen years of auto parts experience to the business. His goal was to establish the most efficient dismantling operation possible. Initially it meant that he had to do it all: answer phones, pull parts, and then after hours, make deliveries. Then there was the bookwork. Occasionally Susan would be summoned to make an emergency delivery in the company delivery truck, a bright red 59’ Chevy El Camino.

In 1975 Fred purchased the 5-acre parcel adjoining the south boundary and built the sales office that is presently in use. The growing quantity of loose parts inventory created an urgent need for additional weatherproof storage space. The successful previous years enabled the business to add the warehouse and shed roof in 1977. A car masher, large forklift and concrete dismantle area were added in 1981. In 1986 Fred was able to purchase the original 4 acres, which is now used primarily for vehicle inventory storage.
In 1989 all the land was annexed to the city. A local improvement district was created and improvements such as sidewalks, landscaping and streetlights were installed. Each year the business continued to improve and prosper.

In February 1992 the business was incorporated under the name Parkway Enterprises, Inc. While it is no longer a sole proprietorship, it continues to offer down-home fair and friendly service. In August 1992 the corporation purchased Action Auto Wreckers, a 10-acre facility located in Medford, Oregon. At that time, both Caveman and Action’s names were changed to “Parts and Recyclers” to better represent our primary business purpose. On January first of 1998, Fred bought 4 more acres and the corporation purchased the business known as Roseburg Auto Wrecking. With a long term lease and purchase options on an additional 4 acres in Roseburg, the company now operates on over 27 acres and is recognized as the largest, best equipped, and most efficient automotive recycling operation in Southern Oregon.

In September of 2007 an additional 5 acre property was purchased in Grants Pass off Camp Joy Road. It will be used by Caveman Auto Parts and Recyclers once the property on Agness Avenue sells. The facility will accommodate both the yard and the corporate offices.

We want to be perceived as a business that does everything professionally. We realize that the most valuable asset of Parkway Enterprises, Inc. is its quality staff and we believe that every member of the staff is important in the ultimate success of the company. We are proud of our reputation in the community both in our business and personally.

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