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Auto World Warranty Terms

Auto World standard and extended warranties are limited to the following terms:

1. Unless noted otherwise on the invoice, all parts come with a standard (3) Month warranty. This covers the part only and does not cover labor, shipping expenses or any other expenses incurred by the purchaser (refer to line 11).

2. 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranties are available on most drive train items at an additional cost at the time or purchase. The 1 Year parts and labor warranty should be noted on the front of the invoice to be valid. The labor time paid on a claim will be at $50 per hour flat rate for the remove and install based on the Mitchell labor guide. Labor claims cannot exceed the cost of the part.

3. Keep your original receipt! This is proof of purchase as well as showing the type of warranty purchased with the part. We cannot honor the warranty without the original receipt.

4. Warranties are not transferable and are only valid to the original purchaser.

5. Auto World will not give a refund if a replacement pert is available. Refunds will only be given if a replacement part cannot be provided within 7 days of notification that the part was defective. Refund will be for the amount of the part only.

6. Diagnostic Fees – Any diagnostic fees incurred by the purchaser will not be covered by Auto World unless approved in advance by a manager at Auto World. If diagnosis proves that the part provided by Auto World was not at fault, approved diagnostic fees will not be paid by Auto World.

7. Regarding Engines: improper installation will void all warranties. Warranty covers engine knocks, excessive smoke and oil consumption. (more than 2 quarts per thousand miles), inadequate oil pressure, turned bearings, head gaskets and cracked in heads, block or pistons. Warranty does not cover oil/fluid leaks as well as oil pans, valve covers , timing covers and accessories such as but not limited to, alternators, starters, water pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, intake and exhaust gaskets, fuel injectors, carburetor, flywheel, brackets, oil pressure switches, thermostats, smog emission devices, and timing belts which are complimentary and do not necessarily come with the engine. These parts are also not covered by the Auto World limited warranty, and we do not guarantee interchange ability of these items. Overheating or running low on oil will void any warranty. Required at the time of installation, and in order to maintain coverage under the warranty, it is required that the installer install a new thermostat, change oil and filter prior to starting, replace timing belt, flush cooling system and check radiator flow, install new oil seal and gaskets where necessary (oil leaks are not covered under warranty), Clean the oil sump screen and pickup tube, keep invoices for the parts purchased, retain all service and maintenance records, and electrical sensor/switches should be transferred.

8. Regarding Transmissions: Improper installation will void all warranties. Warranty covers slippage, shifting failures and/or bearing noise. For warranty to be valid, it is required that the installer thoroughly flush transmission cooling system including lines and cooler, fully engage torque converter in front pump, replace all external seals, replace filter, the transmission with the manufacturers recommended fluid to the proper level in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers standards, and clear stored fault codes on computer controlled transmissions prior to test drive.

9. Regarding Axle Assemblies, inspect seals for leakage and replace if necessary, seals are not covered. Brake parts are not covered under the warranty. Fill with the manufacturers recommended fluid to the proper level in accordance with the vehicle manufactures standard tires must be the same size or warranty will be void.

10. Buyer agrees that Auto World will not be responsible for (1) incidents or consequential damage. (2) Lost profits, sales or income (3) Injury to person or property (4) Oil, antifreeze, automotive fluids, refrigerant or other substances. (5) Freight charges, shipping charges, towing charges, storage fees, substitute transportation, lodging etc. (6) Labor on gasket kit, oil pump, or other accessories purchased with the engine.

11. No part shall be returned until the initial salesperson has authorized the return. All parts returned must include all external accessories and components assembled back to their original condition unless otherwise by an Auto World Manager.

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